Strength-based Approaches for ASD

Independence, Confidence and the Visual Learner

Research shows that students/children with ASD, ADHD or Intellectual Disability have a preference for receiving information and learning through some form of visual cue or support. These visual supports are a way of making verbal instruction and learning more visual and concrete for them. When visual supports are readily available, attention skills and independence improves, the student/child is more engaged with the learning content and they learn to organize and sequence information.


Key Offerings

Workshops and Seminars - Topics can be tailored to the needs of the school community and they can be offered as full or half days. 

Masterclass Series (ASD)©- A series of workshops devoted to content that relates to the learning and behaviour style of students with ASD. The workshops focus on evidence base practices for the classroom.

Structuring Functional Independence Across Environments© - A series of workshops which focus on the executive skills of students with a developmental delay in either the school or home environment. 

Iceberg Action Plan© - This is a package designed to work with the Team Around the Learner when the student's behaviour interferes with learning and social interaction. The IAP adopts a proactive and solution-focused approach when trying to work on strategies to address behaviours of concern. 

On-site coaching - The Personalised Professional Learning Model (PPL)© is a form of staff or school development service that can be tailored to the needs of indivduals or groups in the school. The fundamental belief of the PPL© is that learning is richer and more powerful when it occurs in the real situation, where it can be modeled and trialed with support. 


For more information about the above offerings, or if you have any questions relating to a particular need for your school or service, send an email with your question. 



Executive Learning: Unravelling the Disorganised Behaviour Part 1.

Our executive skills are a set of mental processes that enable us to manage our day-to-day tasks, organise and strategise key events in our lives, social and emotional well-being, anticipate risks and problem solve. When a child presents with weak executive skills, we observe poor planning, organization and time management skills, and impulsivity. This online course will discuss the importance of executive function and why it is important to set up learning experiences in the classroom that compensate for the student with weak executive skills. In conjunction with Edumazing, you will be able to register for this online learning, simply go to this link:



















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