Learning Visually

"Break the Skill Down!" - Using Task Analysis

Annual Goal: The Student will manage their email account.


With the computer turned on, S will:

  1. Locate the outlook icon
  2. Identify the inbox message symbol
  3. Locates mouse
  4. Moves cursor to outlook icon
  5. Clicks on icon to open inbox
  6. Reads their message
  7. Locates reply icon on outlook
  8. Word processes their reply
  9. Locates the send icon 
  10. Clicks on send icon


Annual Goal: The Student will use a shopping list. 


During community education and using a pictorial list of items, S will:

  1. Carry the shopping list
  2. Locate the supermarket/shop
  3. Collect a basket or trolley
  4. Locates first item on list
  5. Locates correct aisle
  6. Walks to correct area in the aisle
  7. Selects item
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 for remaining items on list