Learning Visually

Working with Task Analysis: Make your own data sheet or visual support.


Annual Goal: The student will independently pay a bill at Australia Post. 

Sub-goals - 

While at a shopping centre, Student will:

1. Collect their wallet/purse.

2. Collect the bill.

3. Locate an Australia Post store.

4. Walk to the Australia Post store.

5. Stand in the queue.

6. Waits in the queue.

7. Walks to the next available counter when called.

8.  Presents the bill to be paid.

9.  Presents cash/keycard.

10. Takes statement with receipt when presented to them.



Annual Goal: Student will independently use a pedestrian crossing.

Sub-goals -

During a community education experience Student will:

1. Walk with an adult/group

2. Locate the pedestrian crossing

3. Walks to the pedestrian crossing

4. Stops at the kerb

5. Looks both ways

6. Waits for cars to stop

7. Walks across the road



Annual goal - Student will independently catch a bus to a familiar destination. 

Sub-goals -

During a community experience Student will:

1. Collects personal items

2. Walks to bus stop

3. Locates bus stop

4. Waits for bus

5. Boards bus when it arrives

6. Scans Myki card

7. Locates vacant seat

8. Sits down

9. Looks out for their destination

10. Signals using button/cord for their destination

11. Walks to bus door

12.  Disembarks at their destination