Learning Visually

"You change the environment - You change the Behaviour!"

For the child who is a visual learner, the learning spaces to address skill accomplishment and social skill development need to be ordered. The immediate space needs to act as an immediate cue the moment they enter that environment. It needs to spell SUCCESS to them. A child entering the play space depicted in the image below is more likely to feel overwhelmed, the child may display behaviour that is dysregulated, unsure where to begin and maintain their attention.


A Visual Learner will benefit from learning and play spaces which have the following features:

  • They are Organised
  • De-cluttered
  • Separate work areas with complete sets of supplies for different activities
  • Weekly time to clean and organise the work and play space
  • Visible schedules and directions
  • Simple written directions or photos which illustrate the expectations of the space.

The spaces depicted in the pictures below convey to the child SUCCESS, CALMNESS AND FOCUS.








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