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 Coaching and Mentoring Projects

Coaching and mentoring is an invaluable tool to address capacity building in the learning environment. It involves an initial discussion and scoping of your school needs. For further information or to arrange an initial consultation, contact Anna 


Project Site: Monash SDS, 2016-2018

Title: Implementing Structured Functional Independence©

Over-arching Aim:

To build teacher and school capacity in the implementation of Structured Teaching alongside the Positive Behaviour Support program.

Key Outcomes:

Teachers will be able to reflect on current evidence-based practices that are closely aligned with each other.



Induction to Functional Independence
Learning Walks in Classrooms with Leading Teachers to assess needs and future direction


Instructional Coaching to selected teachers (to become potential mentors in the school)
1:1 feedback, written feedback to be emailed to the teacher via the Leading Teacher


Whole staff PD on Structured Functional Independence: A revision on the key elements. This PD will include Learning Walks that will focus on Physical Structure in the Classroom
Instructional Coaching to selected teachers. Mentors to shadow Anna during the coaching and the feedback. 

Project Site: Madison Park School – Salisbury East, Adelaide – 2017

Title: A Reflection and Review of Structured Teaching


  • To evaluate current practice
  • To apply new thinking to the current practice


  • Madison Park staff to attend the August 1 Seminar organised by Compass Seminars
  • Anna to return to Madison Park in the morning to provide “in-situ” coaching within the classrooms. Coaching session would be for 3 hours.
  • Anna will provide on-site and written feedback.