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Program Support and Evaluation

The Program Support and Evaluation involves an initial discussion with key school personnel around your school needs. For further information or to arrange an initial consultation, contact Anna. 

Project Site: Yarra Ranges SDS - 2018

Title: Structuring Functional Independence©

Over-arching Aim

To build teacher and school capacity in the implementation of a pedagogy that addresses the Functional Independence of the students at Yarra Ranges SDS.

Key Outcomes:

Teachers will be able to reflect on current practice that will become closely aligned with an evidence-based pedagogy.
Teachers will become more efficient in how to collect and use their data for student assessment and reporting.

Focus for Term 1 – Collaborative Planning

Focus for Term 2 - Collegiate Support

Focus for Term 3 - Collegiate Support

Focus for Term 4 - Review

Key Activities - Instructional coaching, Learning Walks and Workshops               


Project site -  Baltara School - 2016/2017

Title: Personalised Learning Plans: What’s working, what more can do with our Practice?

Aims of the Project:

1.       To reflect on the current program planning processes at Baltara.

2.       To identify the areas which work well and what needs to change.

3.       To improve on the documentation used for program planning.

4.       To ensure a whole-school ownership of the process.


Part 1 – Reflection of the current processes

Part 2 – Addressing the Action Plans

- Development of new Processes and Templates

Part 3 – Implementation of new Processes

Title: Personalising the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships(RRR) Curriculum: Developing the Baltara Social-emotional Learning Curriculum.

Aims of the Project:

Overall Aim: To develop a social-emotional curricula that addresses the student population of Baltara school.

1.       For teachers to develop an understanding of the Capabilities of the Victorian Curriculum

2.       To personalise the Capabilities Curriculum by:

a.       Expanding the skill areas for each competency

b.       Develop a Curriculum Framework specific to the Baltara Core Curriculum

c.       Align strategies with the RRR Curriculum

d.       Develop a Toolkit of Goals to support key teachers as they develop the PLP


The Project will involve a range of activities consisting of Professional Learning, research and development. These are expanded below:

1.       March 16 – Facilitation of Curriculum Day – “Making the Capabilities Work - Developing the SEL-PCC”

2.       Collation of materials from the Curriculum Day

3.       Develop a Curriculum Framework for Baltara

4.       Facilitate the work of the Working Parties created to develop a bank of strategies

5.       Create a draft Toolkit document to pilot

6.       Whole staff Professional Learning